ECO Print for Dummies

September 11, 2019 donna 0

That’s right! I needed help! ECO Print for Dummies! There’s no book for ECO printing? I followed instructions on Pinterest and Google — with no luck. I got help from the experts at ECO J in Indonesia. After their excellent tutoring, I successfully created my first scarf from silk and plants. In the US, you can buy their creations here.

The Batik Process

My First Batik Painting

May 25, 2019 donna 1

The batik process uses natural dyes and wax overlays to create the different colors we see on the finished product.

Maxy Chan Piano

August 29, 2017 donna 0

Holy Toledo, Maxy Chan! You knocked our socks off, you blew us away, you brought us to tears, then made the ladies want to show […]

Love Story The Musical

June 20, 2017 donna 0

Last weekend was my first visit to KLPac, the Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Center. This amazing non-profit is located in a park north of the […]