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My Love of Batik
Batik Scarfs from Indonesia

Batik Painting in Yogyakarta

Have you seen the beautiful batik painting in Yogyakarta, Indonesia? My trip to Yogyakarta was a treasure trove of artistry. My friends in Malaysia said to check out the extensive batik designers in Yogyakarta. This town is commonly known as Jokja by lovers of Indonesian travel. In Jokja, the street vendors line the streets with beautiful batik clothing. The fabric consists of bright and varied colors of cotton and silk. The designs are stunning! So, before I bought anything, I did a litt

The second day of my trip, I took a batik painting class. I learned about the intricacies of the art form. Specifically, I learned how stamps and traditional designs are often used. I also learned how the many steps of the process create layers of color. Wow! Experience and artistic talent are required to develop these beautiful fabric designs. Learn about the batik process here:

Batik Printing: The Block Method

A copper stamp dipped in hot wax, the first step in a new batik print.

Buying Batik

At Batik Plentong (, beautiful batik fabrics are created in the studio. I bought fabric to have a shirt tailored for Don. I also brought home several scarfs and a piece of pink fabric for a new dress. I’m planning ahead, because the annual Pink October fundraiser by Association of British Women in Malaysia will be happening in a few months! Batik Plentong creations are sold in their extensive retail shop. We have two scarfs available for purchase in my US shop:

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