Banjaran Hot Springs Resort

The color of Banjaran Hot Springs Resort is green. You’ll find the mood of the place relaxing. Also, the architecture is elegant and rustic, and the resort has numerous awards. The weather is hot and wet. Your weary body will enjoy the slippers for your feet and a robe for walking from the in-room pool to the bathroom. The appetite feasts on a colorful bowl of fruit. The shoulders have fluffy pillows to relax upon. Contemplate the in-room view: a water lily pond.

The beauty of Banjaran Hot Springs is in part because of the tranquil setting of the lush landscape, tucked against the limestone hills in the town of Ipoh, Malaysia.  Our first day there, we tried to experience everything:  the warm, huge bathing pond, the hot springs, the waterfall, the tranquility cave, and the in-room pool.

Here are a few tips to enhance your visit:

  1. Book your dinner reservations at Jeff’s Cellar prior to arrival.
  2. Ask in advance for a tour of the wine cellar.
  3. Sample the amazing fruits provided in your room.
  4. Visit the library and read about Banjaran’s awards.

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