My Favorite Melaka Restaurants

We made the weekend trip from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka in January because of an invitation from a handsome young couple who offered to host us for a tour of the best sites and food in town. Wow! Melaka restaurants were all amazing! And it was a wonderful treat to have Nicole, a Melaka native, as a tour guide! Don says she cannot be a tour guide, though, because Sunway University needs her as a lecturer!

In the historic Malaysian town of  Melaka (or the English version, Malacca), every restaurant I step inside becomes one of my favorites. Perhaps it’s because we have our amazing local guide, Nicole, a foodie herself, who only recommends the best restaurants. Also, many say that Malacca is known for the variety and quality of its food.

We started our food festival with Saturday lunch at Kocik Kitchen Nyonya Restaurant, located at 100 Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, one street off of the famous Jonker Street. Nyonya women are descendants of early Chinese migrants who settled in Malacca, Singapore, and Penang, intermarrying with local Malays. The cuisine brings together Malay, Chinese, and other regional influences.

Nicole and Teik ordered for us: Kuih Pie Tee (Nyonya top hats) appetizer, cincalok omelet, chicken ponteh, sambal lady fingers, and much more!

Saturday evening’s dinner was all about the pig! Since Malaysia’s population is more than 60% Muslim, restaurants that serve pork eliminate a large percentage of their customers. I grew up in the countryside of North Alabama, where the first frost every year brought the time for killing the “hog.” And I think we ate almost every part of the poor pig, starting with freshly fried chitlins! Don also loves a good pork dish, but I don’t think he had scrambled eggs with “pork brains” for breakfast as a child like I did!

A specialty at The Curly Tail is the Iberico pork, and we asked the owner for a wine recommendation to go along. The Carinena Reula Garnacha 2015 was a perfect complement to the succulent meat. The restaurant is small and intimate, and the staff was efficient and attentive. We highly recommend dining at The Curly Tail!

On Sunday morning, the buffet breakfast at our hotel, Rosa Melacca, gave us lovely Asian food choices, with pancakes and pastries alongside. The beauty of the courtyard dining area was a lovely spot to enjoy my coffee and to begin our day.

Nicole, always on target with dining suggestions, selected for our lunch a tiny, amazing coffee shop where there room among the crowd for only two of us! The staff was frying up bacon, which looked good to us as we continued to eat our way through Malacca. Don ordered the “big breakfast” which in Malaysia is reminiscent of a British breakfast. I ordered the avocado mushroom dish. We climbed the stairs to the second-floor seating area, where sofas and cozy chairs were occupied by artists and students. What a handsome book selection I found! I loved browsing Steve McCurry’s Portraits as I waited for my breakfast.

We ended our Melaka restaurant tour a few hours later at Nadeje, awarded BEST Restaurants 2017 award by Malaysia Tatler. Here I had my first ever mille crepe , a classic French cake of 20 layers with fresh cream and custard between each layer.

Come visit us here in Malaysia. I promise you won’t have a bad meal.  See more at The Rosa Malacca.

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