Best Photo Spots Melaka

How many are there — amazing photo spots in Melaka? Too many!

We traveled from our home in Kuala Lumpur about two hours south to Melaka, where the historic buildings and local culture were a treat to enjoy. Thanks to our travel guides Nicole and Teik, who showed us all the important sites.

Melaka’s rich history was recognized in 2008 when it became a Unesco World Heritage Site.  A popular trading post in the 1500s, Melaka still has several buildings standing from that era, including St. Paul’s Church on a hill overlooking the Straits of Malacca.  These buildings were constructed by the Portuguese and give us a look at the Catholic influences on the city.

The Chinese came to Melaka even before the Portuguese, and the men intermarried with the local Malay women. The men were called Baba and the women, Nyonya. The resulting food fusion is celebrated and served throughout  Malaysia. We loved the food! And as always, we enjoy people-watching and looking for photo spots.

Jonkers Street is one of the top tourist attractions in the lovely town. It comes alive after sunset with vendors, tourists, and children running about, safe and happy. You can find every sort of Malaysian food here, along with souvenirs, clothing, and jewelry. My favorite treats from Melaka are the pineapple tarts. The good ones are flaky with butter and tangy with sweet pineapple filling.

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