Sydney’s Museum of Contemporary Art

Visitors from all over the world love the many free things there are to see and do in Sydney, and the Museum of Contemporary Art is at the top of my list. While we were visiting Sydney in mid-July, the art of Jenny Watson was showcased at MCA. Jenny Watson grew up in the suburbs of Melbourne during the 1960s, and for the past 40 years, her art has served as a narrative of the artist’s life during the rowdy 70’s and beyond.

As a child, I remember my mother sewing clothes for me and my sisters, just as Jenny’s mother did. Jenny incorporated this nostalgic love of fabric into her work, using fabrics from her travels to serve as a backdrop for her artistic creations. Jenny’s art is very personal, with several recurring figures that represent her alter egos and shed light on the era of women’s rights. Her work tells the story of her life over the past 40 years, complete with a playlist of rock and pop music that is in itself a history lesson in American culture.

The museum recently moved to a new building, with four levels of exhibits and a gift shop full of treasures.

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